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My name is Alison Shaffer and I am the owner/publisher of this blog, Kitchen Table.

my email address is

I also write for DIY FRUGAL
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I am happy to review, promote, announce, and/or run a giveaway for your product as long as I see it is a good fit for my family and my readers. I do not return products sent to me for review, promotion, announcements or giveaways. I write posts for compensation in the form of cash and/or products.

What's the name of this blog?
Kitchen Table. Why? Is this blog about food? Sometimes it is. It's named kitchen table because that's my desk-if that cat doesn't climb all over my workspace. Yes. I do write about food, meals, recipes, and places to eat. I also write about all kinds of other stuff you might find interesting. This is a family lifestyle blog about meals, movies, music, media, memories, and mom happenings. I love to find new products and share about them on this blog.

I fancy products made in the United States of America.
I love the original L.L.Bean Boat and Tote. I've been using them since the 70's and buy at least one every year. I still use the very first one I bought.
I like note pads, pens, pencils, and wrapping paper.
Someday soon I am going to buy an Airstream Trailer and get out of 'dodge' head for vacation land.

What is this blog's URL? Also known as the uniform resource locator, but you already knew that right? 

I write on another blog too.
I write on my friend Sarah's blog DIY FRUGAL about things to do, places to go, and free stuff to fill up your mailbox.
Here is the URL for DIY FRUGAL so you can visit us.

Do I have a facebook page for this blog? Yes, glad you asked, and please feel free to like the page. It's getting close to 800. thanks much.

Does Diy Frugal have a facebook page? Yes, glad you asked, and please feel free to like the page. Go ahead you can like them both. Thank you in advance. click here to click your likes around. At over 300 likes it's getting more likeable.

Do I have a personal Facebook page. Yes, I do and I have loads of friends that I converse with everyday. I belong to tons of facebook groups that have tons of members.  We talk about blogging topics, support our efforts, ask questions, share posts, and other blogger fun.

Is that it?

I administer a few facebook pages in addition to the page from this blog.

Do I tweet? Sure I do. I have tweeted thousands of tweets. 23,030 to be exact, until I send another tweet today. 1/28/14. 2250 followers
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Do I pin? yes, but it's painless on pinterest.   570 followers

Pics in an insant? yep, I share photos on instagram.   300 followers

What's my google plus profile?    250 followers

Now for demographics:

I live in the state of New Jersey. It's located on the East Coast of the United States of America. It's on the East Coast if you look at a map of USA,  but it's really relative to where you are located if it's East.

If the traffic is moving at the speed of light on the turnpike, bridges, and tunnels I can drive to New York City or Philadelphia in less than one hour on a clear, dry day. We have modern transportation available of trains, planes, and automobiles to take us just about anywhere in the world from New Jersey.

Married? Yes, to an awesome family man and engineer.
Kids? Yes, I am mom to two young ladies.
Pets? Yes, the kids have pets but the Mr. and I take care of them. (don't tell the kids)

College graduate? Yes. Bachelor of Arts in Geography/Environmental Studies.
Where have I worked; Taught pre-school and middle school.
Occupation? Stay at home mom currently.
I'm interested in small business and old downtown shopping districts in real life.
Church? yes, and I pray morning, noon, and night.

I have been a Girl Scout leader, Sunday School Teacher, Pre-school Teacher and Middle School Teacher. Currently I am stay at home mom, wife, and chief errand runner when I am not typing the day away.

I attend social media events networking with bloggers, brands and occasionally meet a celebrity:

Meeting author Mary Kay Andrews at Fresh Vintage in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I review new products, like ^^Keurig Vue before it's in the store.

I attend grand openings, promotions, and blogger tours and events like this one at South Moon Under in Marlton, New Jersey.

I attend media events like  Disney Social Media Moms on the road in New York City

I meet stars from the hit TV shows such as DALLAS at the screening at Ritz East in Philadelphia.

I attend blogger tours and events like this one at Whole Foods Kids Lunch Line Revolution Blogger event.

I attend movie screenings such as Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green and share my review the day the movie opens in a theater near you.  

On the go, on the move, on social media, that's where I'll be.