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I also write for my friend Sarah Peppel's blog,  DIY FRUGAL
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About Me:
Hello, I am Alison Shaffer, owner of Kitchen Table, and this is me at Mount Mitchill Overlook in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey overlooking New York City:


What's the name of this blog?
Kitchen Table. Why? Is this blog about food? Sometimes it is. It's named kitchen table because that's my desk. Yes, I do write about food, meals, recipes, and places to eat. I also write about all kinds of other stuff you might find interesting. This is a family lifestyle blog about meals, movies, music, media, memories, and mom happenings. I love to find new products and share about them on this blog.

I fancy products made in the United States of America.
I love the original L.L.Bean Boat and Tote. I've been using them since the 70's and buy at least one every year. I still use the very first one I bought.


I live in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America.

If the traffic is moving at the speed of light on the turnpike, bridges, and tunnels I can drive to New York City or Philadelphia in less than one hour on a clear, dry day. We have modern transportation available of trains, planes, and automobiles to take us just about anywhere in the world from New Jersey.

Who am I? 
Married? Yes, to an awesome family man and engineer.
Mother of two girls. Our oldest daughter is a college graduate and a high school science teacher. Our youngest daughter is a Junior in college.

College graduate? 
Yes. Bachelor's degree in Geography from Rowan University.